Posimistic Digital Planner (Notion Template)

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It's Here! ...And brand new!

Based on our physical planner, we've now incorporated more features into the digital planner has way more exclusive features the physical planner can't do like: 
    • Personalization - Create your habits, insert your photos, customize your layout, colorize your hub, and more!
    • Notifications - Get notified when any of your events pop up you set when planning your goals!
    • Knowledge Hub - Store the lessons you've learned in our brand new knowledge hub & locate them by categories, mentors, channels, and more!
    • Search Feature - You know the pain. You write about a specific topic, and six months later, you don't remember which entry you wrote it in. That's not a problem anymore with the new "Quick Find" feature on Notion!
    • Unlimited Space - Forget 90 days, you can now create unlimited entries without having to rebuy a brand new planner every 90 days: no shipping, no delays, & instant access upon purchase.
    • Embed Features - Embed links to YouTube videos, websites, and more right inside Notion! Luckily we've already embedded some of our most relaxing ambient videos to help you relax WHILE you reflect & Plan your day.
    • Dark & Light Modes - Instantly switch between modes with the sidebar to help relieve eye strain.
     These templates only work on the free app called Notion. You'll be able to duplicate our models into your database easily here. There is no better time to strategize your next ten moves than now!

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    How long does it last? - Unlimited entries for all! No more 90 day limits. Keep on going with our Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, & Daily databases as much as you want! :D
    I have an old phone, no laptop, android - If you can download the free Notion app on your device, these templates will work for you :D
    How can I land clients with a template? - We can't guarantee you any personal results. However, a tool like this will keep you accountable, organized, & quick on your feet during sales calls.
    I already use a physical planner - Great! We encourage everyone to start using digital more often because of the unlimited space & speed. But if you are happy with your planning method, then we are so glad for you & your success! :D
    Is Notion free? - Yes!
    I lost my job recently due to the virus - If you've recently lost your job due to the virus, then you get these for free. We rely on your honesty to stay in business. Explain to us your situation at Support @ posimisticplanner.com, and we will reach out to assist you. 🤝

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    Try our lite version first. It's completely free and easily upgradeable when you're ready! Happy planning! 😄


    Here's what you get 👇

    • Yearly Database$5
    • Goals & Systems Database$5
    • Outcomes Database$5
    • Quarterly Database$5
    • Monthly Database$5
    • Weekly Database$5
    • Daily Database$5
    • Master Tasks Database$5
    • Projects Database$5
    • Calendar Database$5
    • Knowledge Hub$5
    Total Value: $55
      • Brain Dump Journal Database(Bonus Section Only)
      • Know Yourself Questionnaire(Bonus Section Only)
      • "Who Am I?" Exercise(Bonus Section Only)
      • Bucket List Database(Bonus Section Only)