About Us

"I'm going to create the world's best productivity planner"

I told my mom, as she was the only person in the guest room with me at the time. It was on December 11th, 2017 when the idea of The Posimistic Planner was born. I was on a family trip to visit my grandpa in Mexico when i suddenly realized that I was going to be stuck there for 3 weeks with no internet, no sanitary bathroom, and no office to work in. 7 days into this vacation and my life is slowly going downhill. My diet was suffering, my acne was breaking out, my productivity was diminishing, I knew I needed to change but I was left hopeless without a sense of direction. On the 9th day of the trip was when It hit me, I was on my grandpa's guest bed and my mom was on the other bed across the room.




I was using a mass market productivity planner to review my day and I saw that it wasn't the best that it could've been. There were a bunch of useless features that didn't help me optimize my day, plan for tomorrow, or keep me accountable of my goals. This made me upset, how can someone create an average product and expect their customer to get an extraordinary experience? From that point on I made a commitment to create the best productivity planner the world has ever seen.



I open my journal, I start sketching designs all night for 6 hours straight until 8:00 am of how I want my planner to look like, what it's going to include, and how I can provide the most value. I worked on this project for the rest of the family trip. I finally arrive home and now I can transfer my sketches to digital. 




Fast forward to October, 2018 and I've now successfully ordered my planners in bulk. In this photo you can see me very excited to hold the first ever sample of a Posimistic Planner.



The launch went fantastic! I had only 100 planners in my inventory and on that same day 3 people bought. I'll never forget this day.



Just 5 months later and I hit my 100th order! I was so proud of myself because I knew this product was impacting peoples lives.



And now the rest Is history! Our main goal is to help change the education system and we know we can do it with your help. Getting our planners in every school around the US.

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